Ingenuity and sound modularity

Ingenuity : Smooth HD sound

It features 3 extra slim loudspeakers nicely embedded in 50 mm thickness. Wolfgang Lynch will also surprise you with its sound performances.
Thanks to its revolutionary  wireless technology which constantly corrects static you will enjoy the best sound quality screen unfolded or not.
The audio system is wireless and will perfectly adapt in your environment. 

Modularity : 2 modes / 2 uses

  • Screen folded
    As a board, its autonomous system makes it possible to use to side-speakers which will enable you to listen any musical sound in Stereo.
  • Screen unfolded
    Once the screen is unfolded for projection, the two side speakers slide with the screen. A third central speaker is then activated for a multichannel sound and a perfet acoustic immersion.

Experience a high tech sound and a technology 

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