Fields of application

Technology without a compromise

Wolfgang Lynch stands out from the usual screen on the market by its unique design !
It will discreetly fit your environment and will adapt to the  surrounding  atmosphere of your room. It should be installed strategically so as to impress your guests when it unfolds. Wolfgang Lynch will make your room look apart ,  first appealing to their artistic sensitivity and then to their practical minds.
At home :
Mesmerize your family and friends with the posh aspect of Wolfgang Lynch’s screen.
Watch the latest movie you were eager to discover , share your most recent photographs or just surf on the net comfortably sitting in your sofa. 
On a business level :
Wolfgang Lynch is a  highly efficient screen and it will reveal your state- of- the -art spirit.
Get even more brand awareness using a screen displaying the logo of your company and make no secrets of your values.
Make your conferences and meetings outstanding  using this screen to support your presentations  and impress your business partners from the start.
Such a  treasure of technique  will no doubt prove your inventiveness  and arouse your guests’ curiosity.